AcroFlow Classes

AcroFlow for the advanced beginner II (second series)

The second series of AcroFlow partnered acrobatic yoga (acroyoga) classes for advanced beginners are ideal for practitioners who have already been introduced to the fundamentals explored in the beginner series of classes, and have completed the first series of classes for advanced beginners. The second series of classes for advanced beginners continues where the first series left off, incorporating the fundamental positions while applying the principles of alignment and weight transfer into increasingly more dynamic flows.

AcroFlow for the advanced beginner I (first series)

This series of AcroFlow partnered acrobatic yoga (acroyoga) classes are ideal for advanced beginners who have already been introduced to the fundamentals explored in the beginner series of classes, and are interested in continuing their development and understanding of this physically challenging yet playful work.  We will continue to explore theory of alignment and weight transfer with our partners, basic anatomy and kinesiology related to our work, and continue our conditioning to develop greater physical capacity to safely practice with confidence.

AcroFlow fundamentals for beginners

The AcroFlow fundamentals classes are ideal for participants with little or no experience.  These beginner classes are for anyone interested in developing their understanding of, and ability in this type of physically challenging yet playful work, which combines elements of acrobatics, yoga, post-modern/contemporary dance, partnering and contact improvisation. The classes will include theory of alignment and weight transfer with your partners, warm-up and conditioning to develop your physical capacity to safely practice with confidence, specific techniques and intelligent corporal pathways of descent for safe transitions out of flows (falling),  and of course, lots of fun acro practice.
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AcroFlow class facilitators

Siska Vergauwe

Siska Vergauwe

Translation and assistance

I am 28 years old, Belgian (from Flanders, mother tongue Dutch) and hold a Masters degree as a translator/interpreter (Spanish/English) which allows me to translate, assist, or offer yoga classes in both English and Spanish. I have been practicing yoga since the age of 18, mainly hatha-based yoga with an emphasis on alignment (Atlascentrum, center for holistic kinematics by Pierre Taboureau, Belgium). In 2014 I completed my Mindful Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training through the Mindful Yoga Academy. Since then I’ve been assisting in AcroFlow acrobatic yoga classes by Joshua Marin-Hepfl and teaching basic Mindful Corpus Yoga classes. Mindful Corpus Yoga is a modern practice that combines mindfulness and hatha yoga to help us reconnect to our body & mind.

Joshua Marin-Hepfl

Joshua Marin-Hepfl

AcroFlow founder and instructor

A skateboarder since childhood, yoga practitioner since 2002, professional contemporary dancer since 2003, and yoga teacher since 2008, I have been exploring, performing, and teaching the development of heightened awareness, and the capacity for body mastery through a multitude of techniques, styles, and forms. As a freelance performing artist, I have been performing this acrobatic style of partnering work on stage since 2003, originally through the choreographies of Hae Kyung Lee (Hae Kyung Lee & Dancers), Miguel Olvera, and Claudia Lopez to name a few, and later through my own choreographic work. My teaching approach is therefore focused on assisting the practitioner in the development of both proprioceptive as well as kinesthetic awareness, and the capacity of the practitioner to physically “listen” to their partner, sensing both their own as well as their partner’s shifts in center of gravity, to allow for the development of exciting and safe choreographed or improvised acrobatic flow sequences.

I have been offering my approach and training method through my AcroFlow classes and workshops internationally to participants of various movement backgrounds, including weekly classes at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Amsterdam School of the Arts), Amsterdam’s undergraduate conservatory program training future professional dancers, while concurrently offering open classes for Amsterdam’s acroyoga community. In the Summer of 2014, I brought my training approach to the acroyoga community in Palma de Mallorca Spain, through a series of workshops first offered in the beautiful Parc de la Mar.